Wednesday, September 9, 2009

8.4 and Counting

Non-knitting content. I thought I would post more things about daily life in my blog. Afterall, it is all about enjoying "your colorful loops of daily living.

I had a dr visit today. Actually it was with the nurse practitioner. It was one of my quarterly visits to discuss my diabetes care and to get my HA1c reading. Today's was a whopping 8.4. The goal is 6.0 or less. The closer I am to 6.0 the more likely I am to have fewer complications related to diabetes. I currently do not have any complications. :)

We spent about 15 minutes reviewing my readings and were not able to figure out a pattern to the readings that would lead to a good next adjustment to my insulin pump settings. I don't have a normal schedule and this makes it tough to monitor any variables to my treatment. I'm going to have to take more blood sugar readings (before a meal and 120 minutes after I start eating a meal) and stop eating 4 hours before I go to bed. :/ I sometimes eat dinner at 11:00 at night after I've gotten home from the days events. I'll be working with a new routine over the next several weeks. I hope it's NOT as much of a struggle as I fear.

If you are curious on how things are going with my investigation, leave a comment. I'll post updates periodically if there is interest.


Kay in New Mexico said...

Yes - keep up with all the news! Because it is much harder to keep track of you now than yonks ago, when you would wander through the sorting room and comment that "the 650s need a little work..."

Cat said...

M struggles with this sort of thing, too, but he's not as diligent at testing his sugars and going to the Dr as you are. I do want to know how things are going for you, of course! I, too. need to stop eating 3-4 hours before bed. That is so hard to do!