Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mike's Thorpe

I finished a hat for my brother Mike in January. It is the Thorpe Hat by Kristen Kapur. (ravelry link) I recommend the pattern.

Mike wanted a hat that covered his ears. This one does that! I snapped these photos of me wearing the hat. They aren't the best picture of me but I kinda look like my brother here. It's weird thinking I'll look like him when I'm his age.

Mike's Thorpe this picture shows the true color of the yarn. I think it is perfect for him.

Mike's Thorpe hat ear flaps turned up I'm wearing the flaps up in this picture.


Joanne said...

My goodness... I looked at the picture before I read the text and thought how great it was that you were able to get a picture of Mike wearing the hat. Then I saw the glasses and read the text and, again WOW you look like Mike!

Robin said...

Great hat! And it is SO odd to see pics of yourself and see how much you look like a sibling; I have several sibs and we look nothing 'alike' in person, but look at us in photos and it wierds me out how much alike we are!!