Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Interruptions Reaction

So I'm working today at the Ops Center putting together training for our new computer system at work. I've got the music going and headphones on and I'm into the zone. Excellent feeling. I like that focus on a task that keeps going.
And I get an email telling me how I'm going to be responsible for coordinating a survey at work on top of all the other stuff I have to do! What bothered me most was not that the survey needs to be done, it was my reaction to this additional task. My reaction still bothers me. I should be embracing the opportunity to track how we're doing and get to focus the staff on this new thing.
My reaction really indicates a core problem with the embracing technology to allow this to help be grow in more ways than one. And I'm watching What the Bleep tonight and I hear this person talk about how our positive thoughts are mostly just surface to underlying negativity. I'm recognizing the importance of getting to the core of who I am.
(side note) I get to go to the Dr. tomorrow. I've not been taking care of myself physically and I can tell. My HA1C will be high, I'm sure. I'm eating better and keeping my suppliments going well. (end side note)
Back to the issue at hand. My reaction to this new task. What does it mean? Any suggestions? Please just let me know in a manner that I can receive and understand.
Knitting will be discussed tomorrow!

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