Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My recent knitting project is to the left. This is knit using the Baba Yarn that's from my stash. I made a vest using this yarn and was quite happy with the speed and the result. Because I used some of the yarn in that project, I might not have enough yarn to complete my sleeves. *sigh*

I am willing to pull out the vest to complete the sleeves.

Details: Knit in the round using a size 11 needle. It is a K2, P2 rib pattern of my own design. It is meant to be a comfy sweater. The ribbing will be nice after I block it. I've got just about 6 skeins left. I'm knitting the sleeves down in the ribbing except for the under arms. No one wants ribbing in their underarms, do they? I don't. I'll be able to hide the armhole decreases in the underarm area.

I like the zigzag purple pattern, don't you?


KnitR said...

I love it! Did you know it would zig zag? See you tomorrow night! xoxox, Ran

Cat said...

Very nice! Love that purple.