Monday, August 11, 2008

Ram Club Delivery!

I heard about the Ram Club on a blog a few months back and thought it was a great idea! A Sock Club for MEN! w00t! Enough yarn in each skein to make a pair of socks for a man! Imagine. Did you know that men have bigger feet than women? You can get some additional details by the Ram Club blog.

I have to post this SPOILER ALERT to those members who haven't received their shipment yet. If you are a member of the club and haven't gotten your shipment yet, GO AWAY.

Ram Club Spoiler

If you're not a member of the club or already have received your shipment or you don't care, view me opening the package.

The pattern is "Toe-up Work Socks With a Twist" created by StitchStud. Looks great and has lost of size options. Well done!

I'm sorry about the noise. The package crinkled (a lot) when I opened it. I'll correct this next time.


Linuxwitch said...

Great post! I'd love to see a "regular" sock club that had enough yarn for anyone with larger feet. As a woman wearing a men's size US 11, it's usually ankle socks for me!

Charles said...

I guess I have to sign up for next to get my shipment!

Also Check out my knitting blog see what you think!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your knitblog via a link from Charles Knitting Lifestyle. How did I not hear of you before? I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Can't wait for more videos and's just great !