Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Theater Etiquette

Awhile back I expressed some dissatisfaction about the behavior of some people during my Broadway Across America experience.

I got this link in an email. Now, if people would just read it and take these things into consideration, it would make everyone's experience a bit better.


Cat said...

My pet peeve is when people leave before curtain call. How rude! This isn't some sporting event or movie! These are real, live, talented people who deserve your consideration and applause! If you want to "beat the parking lot rush" don't come to live theater at all - just go to some cheap movie and do whatever the heck you want! Or, better yet, wait until the rush is over! Sit down after the curtain calls and enjoy some polite conversation with your date for a while before leaving, NEANDERTHALS!


Sorry - got a little heated there.

Anonymous said...

The list neglected to mention my last theater going atrocity, the people next to me were singing along, snapping their fingers and dancing in their seats. How rude!