Monday, March 16, 2009

Hugo @ 7 months

Hugo @ 7 months
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this picture is a bit out of focus but I like the way it shows Hugo's face. He's grown a lot sine we go him about 6 weeks ago. He's healthy any is enjoying the nice weather because he can go inside and outside without waiting for us to open the door. He's a spunky dog.

knitSB and he worked on the flower beds on Sunday afternoon while I was at the theater. The flower beds look nice. The theater experiene has been great this time around. I've got 4 videos in the can that I need to post. 5 shows down and 10 more to go. Do bring the family to the show. It's a good one.

Alas, I have not knitted for almost 3 weeks. In case you're wondering, that is the is distrubance you've been feeling in the Force. I'm catching up on the knitting this week with a visit to Cat if our schedules match up.


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he looks great!