Monday, June 22, 2009

Urgent Request for Help!

I need your help. The proposed budget for 2009-2011 for the state of Ohio would reduce library funding significantly.
Please consider taking time to voice your opinion on the proposed budget and the impact it has to libraries.
There are only a few days available to let your voice be heard.

If you need to know your representative, you can do a zip code search on this website.

On a personal level, I am proud that the Columbus Library has been helping people find jobs, giving kids help after school so they can graduate, and helping parents and kids become readers! ANY budget reduction will cause libraries to close, programs to stop and jobs to be lost. Ohioans need their award winning libraries more than ever!

You may find additional information about the impact by going to these links.

Thanks for considering this request for help. Your voice needs to be heard!

I have copied the following names from the Save Ohio Libraries website. These are Conference Committee contacts. people you need to reach!
Below are the e-mail addresses for the Conference Committee. They will be the ones determining the final budget. They need to hear from everyone state-wide!
Vernon Sykes
Phone: 614- 466-3100
Fax: 614-719-6944
Jay Goyal
Phone: 614-466-5802
Fax: 614-719-3973
Ron Amstutz
Phone: 614-466-1474
Fax: 614-719-0003
Dale Miller
Phone: 614-466-5123
John Carey
Phone: 614-466-8156
Mark Wagoner
Phone: 614-466-8060

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Kay in New Mexico said...

I wrote. Yes I did. It's hard to think of my wonderful CML in trouble... The library system here is not a patch on what I think of as a "real library" and I am always aware of the differences. Please keep us posted, yes?