Friday, January 8, 2010

cup cake hat

cup cake hat
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I got a request to make a cup cake hat for a friend of mine. I think the result was quite wonderful. He loves it. More importantly, his daughter will love it. She got a cup cake hat for Christmas and they play dueling chefs together. It seems like a fun game that keeps them both laughing for hours.

"Who is the better cup cake chef? Ha! I take your cup cake!" Insert great laughter from the kid and father. Don't forget the accents.

Knit using Encore chunky in a brown and white yarns on a size 10 needle. A quick knit. The cherry is some red Cascade 220.

One of the bestest things about this project is the joy on Dad's face when he came to show me. I like knittig when it brings this much joy to people!


Delana said...

The hat is adorable! Might have to make a few of those for my sister, who has a whole brood of kids that would love them. And what a great knitting story!

Kare said...

What a cute hat! When are you going to visit your sister Joanne? I must be there when you do as I need some remedial knitting help!

cindy said...

What a great father daughter activity. Your hat made it all possible. It's a sweet hat (no pun intended).