Monday, May 21, 2012

Tintern Abbey Toe Up Sock Class

I enjoyed the Tintern Abbey Toe Up Sock class I took from Brenda Dayne at Knots, Knitting on the Square.
Being a knitter who finds patterns more of a suggestions rather than rules, the Sherman Toe and Heel will fit my visual style. I like to read my knitting. I think after I knit the second little learning sock and my own pair, I won't need the directions anymore. This is empowering.

Little learning Sock This is my finished little learning sock. I think it looks good.
Sherman Toe and Heel Sock
Brenda passed this sock around for us to see the finished toe and heel on an sized sock. She said we could try it on so I did. I like the fit. I now know what size sock Brenda wears. Perhaps I could knit her some pink socks to match her pink pajamas.

Thanks to Knots Knitting on the Square for bringing the Cast-On 2012 to Ohio!


yarmando said...

I like the tightness of the Sherman short rows; really closes up the gap nicely. But the stitches are prettier on other short row methods.

I should come up with a "Lil' Learning Sock" for Evil Genius.

knittingbrow said...

Yes you should come up with a Lil' Learning Sock. I'll be glad to test it for you

Sue said...

I am here to nominate you for the Liebster award! What is it? Check here:

Cat Fithian said...

Sweet! I like that little learning sock. No interview with Brenda, though?