Sunday, April 29, 2007

If Don can do it, so can I!


Kay In New Mexico said...

Omigawd. What fun. It's late! I should go to bed! And I just spent way too much time going through this whole Daemon site! Since I don't have a blog, I will email you my results! Wow! Look at all these exclamation marks!

micah said...

it's a monkey?

Hey, nobody's sleeping on the floor! We're all going to house sit across the street so there's a bed for everyone! YAY for next weekend! I'm so excited to see you guys! Hooray! I'm going to have to look or a new camera ASAP! (I can pay rent late right!)

knittinglizzie said...

omg I'm obsessed with Phillip Pullman! I can't wait to see the movies!!!!!