Friday, January 18, 2008

Cards with Mom

This past year, my mom was not able to renew her driver's license because she is considered "legally blind." knitSB and I went down to visit her and play euchre with her on the Wednesday after Christmas. Being a smart a$$, I thought it would be fun to gift her some H U G E cards so she see them. They went over well, see.

Big cards.jpg

Euchre playing was great fun. Every once in awhile, I got the feeling that I was at the "kids table" playing cards. They are big and made me feel small.

More cell phone portraits are posted on flickr.


sulafaye said...

But what kind of son would you be if you didn't do things like this "for" your mother??? Just let her win. ;)

knittingbrow said...

Great point! Thanks for the reminder.