Monday, May 12, 2008

Road Trip Anyone?

Great Lakes Fiber Show is in a couple of weeks. Yarmando mentioned wanting to go. Anyone up for a road trip? Carpooling will save gas money.


KayTheArky said...

Wish I could come! But I'm saving myself for the Estes Park Wool Festival in June. Hint hint hint -- go visit the vendor "Jehovah Jireh" and look at the "Cappicino" roving for spinning. You won't be sorry. I got some at SOAR and it's so delicious it's almost edible!

organizer2003 said...

Gerry, I may be interested, but I've got to see if I have any demos/seminars to do. What day(s) are y'all going?

I can't find your email anywhere on the blog, otherwise I'd send this privately. Could you email me at organizer2003atyahoodahtcom and let me know.


Cat said...

Someday I wanna go to a S/W festival, but that weekend I'll be busy with out-of-town guests.

Matt....... said...

I'm In......just fill me in on the details!

organizer2003 said...

Gerald, I sent you an email. I'm in if there is room.

let me know.

knittingbrow said...

seems we've got a full car + some. Anyone else interested?

Paul said...

Hey there! Ted tagged me with a meme. I've tagged you, so see my blog, and partake if you wish.