Sunday, June 1, 2008

All the Yarn

Songferret, knitSB and I attended the Great Lakes Fiber Show last weekend. We had a great time, overall. Got to see some people that I meet during 2007's Knitter's Connection. I purchased a great deal of yarn and enjoyed every last skein of it! I'll be sharing some details and pictures over the next couple of days.

I was very thrilled to see Briar Rose Fibers there! I noticed the name because of they are a sponsor of Cast-on podcast. I made sure that I told her I noticed the name because the sponsorship. Cool to meet someone that helps to bring a good thing into existence. I got some lace-weight yarn and two skeins of a sport weight yarn. One skein of Grandma's Blessing in a dark colorway that has deep blues with browns and reds. It will turn into something wonderful designed by Knitspot. There is massive yardage in this skein! 1200 yards! I'll be able knit quite a bit with this yarn.

BTW: I had a rock star moment with knitspot. I was searching for her patterns because I saw that Francis had one I didn't see. So I was searching in a book, bought 3 patterns and was walking to a different shop when....there she was Anne...aka knitspot! I squeed and pointed at her and said as I pointed "you're knitspot!" Sure enough. And she's nice. I only regret that I didn't snap a picture.

Back to the yarn. I also bought a skein of Legend that is 1500 yarns of deep rich browns and khaki to deep olive green. Nice, huh? It will be made into a Twinings Stole by knitspot.

The lace weight is Angel Face in 100% alpaca! An amazing 2500 yards of handpainted yarn. This stuff is great and very affordable. Briar Rose provides a rather nice yarn, handpainted with a brown undertone. I've been looking for some yarn that could turn into a "manly" type of lace or shawl. I think I found my source for the yarn. Briar Rose will be at KC in a couple of weeks. I plan to say "hi" while I consider some additional yarns. Stop by and see these great yarns.

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anne said...

it was nice to meet you too!