Monday, October 5, 2009

Half st off

Half st off
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I've been working in a knitted hat for one of the pirates in "How I Became A Pirate" which opens on October 22, 2009. The first version of the hat stretched a great deal more than I expected. I used a size 7 needle in a K2P2 ribbing. I am using Comfort by Berroco.

I decided it best to knit the bottom part of the hat on a smaller needle. I'm using a size 3. I think the rib will be snug and not fall off the actor's head. I opted to unknit 4 stripes by unraveling the yarn and picking up the sts with a needle. I'll be knitting down on sts that were knit going up. I know this has been done before because I remember reading any this in EZ.

The picture shows that the sts are a half st off. I wasn't expecting this but noticed the ribbing was off. I also found that the sts didn't sit on the needles quite right. Some were twisted and others looped wrong. I decided just to set the ribbing sts as closely as I could.

I knit all the sts in the first row with the new color. The prevents purl bumps from showing on the front and looking odd. I think it will be fine with the half st off in the pattern. I figure that if an audience member is that interested in the details of the hat there are other problems. :)

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