Thursday, October 8, 2009


I've not updated you properly on what has been going on in the knittingbrow household.

Two weeks ago knitSB was in an automobile accident and totalled his car. He was in the hospital for three days and released with a fractured pelvis. We were surrounded by friends and family who cared a great deal and offered support by visiting, cooking us yummy food walking our dog and moving furniture around to accomodate knitSB needing to be on the first floor. Thank you.

What has been impressive is knitSB's healthy attitude and progression. He's walking with a cane and still has some pain when doing steps. He started school and has been able to keep up with his homework. :). Monday, he was diagnoised with the flu and missed three days of work while getting that under control. I stayed home in an effort to help him.

We're both getting a little frustrated with each other. (I expect this is normal).

I've been working on How I Became A Pirate which is turning out to be incredible fun. You've seen the posts, right?

On the knitting front, knitSB successfully turned a heal and finished a gusset for our BIL's 2008 Holiday socks. I finished a slipped ribbed shawl using handspun that I bought in vacation this year. The pattern is from Stephen West. It was an enjoyable knit that just needs blocking. I've had to unknit the Collande(sp?) Shawl from the Fall Knitty 2009 twice. That's what I get for trying to watch Torchwood and work on a fairly easy lace pattern. I've fixed it and am using st markers and some better notes on the pattern. It is turning out nicely.

I taught a Color Wave scarf class at Knitters Mercantile this past Saturday for two students. They were a lot of fun and have selected great yarns for their feather and fan based scarf. I wrote the pattern two years ago. Maybe I should post it here?

Expect more Pirate posts and picture uploads.


Kay in New Mexico said...

Colonnade is so pretty, but I think I would do it all in one color. What colors/yarn are you using? I like the way it sort of look like a lace shawl with a turtleneck underneath!

The pattern from that issue that I plan on doing is Renaissance -- I've got some nice handspun (Campfire in my Ravelry page) for it. And I will probably do Kernel. And I will probably live till 120 to do all the projects I have in mind!

micah said...

good to here he's OK!!!! That's CRAZY!!! Tell him I said Hello and get well!!!