Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gardening and Maddy

This is a post about my "colorful loops of daily living."
There is NO knitting content in this post. 

The weather in early March was quite pleasant here.  So pleasant that I started working in the yard.  One weekend I spent about 16 hours working on the yard doing the weeding and general upkeep of the flower beds.  Some people say at the end of the growing season they "put the beds to rest." Have you heard that phrase?  Well, I woke up the beds!  I raked, cleared away dirt and such and weeded a lot of day lilies.  I've got nothing against day lilies.  It's just that they take over. (kinda like my yarn stash)

You see in the video on of the beds I cleared. I've toss about a bunch of flower seeds in there.  knitSB & I picked up a couple of packets of flower bed seeds.  I'm excited to see everything growing!  The recent rain really helps. 

Maddy is the latest addition to our family.  Isn't she cute?

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Cat said...

Your dogs are really cute. I'd love to meet them in person sometime!