Thursday, April 29, 2010

Socks Appeal Boxers & Temptations

Somewhere on the internet I spotted a picture of the Socks Appeal boxers Rav Link.

Temptations is one of my LYS located in Dublin, Ohio.  Karen is the owner and offered to call Skacel to order the pattern.  That was very helpful!  They have two more copies of the pattern available. Go pick one up and tell them that Gerald sent you!

The Mystery Sock class is a lot of fun and offers some very nice sock patterns. 

The Gams is from Knitty Spring/Summer 2010.  Please notice the horrid pictures.  It was the picture on this ravelry pattern page that show the boxers off better.  I purchased some Serendipity Tweed for my pair. I ended up getting a total of 4 skeins of yarn.  The colors are better in the video. Serendipity Tweed

full disclosure: I might have been influenced to knit these items because of this project and this project.  I'm certain that if I wear my knitted shorts, I'll be thin (& 100 lbs lighter and 20 years younger :)


Joanne said...

I can't wait to see the shorts and I love the colors you chose. I'm enjoying your video posts. Thanks for taking the time to do them!

Cheryl said...

You have a great great blog! Awesome creations!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see the shorts. I will stay tuned. Thanks for the Mystery Sock mention. When will you be back knitting with us?

Cat said...

I"m going to have to ask M and S if they'd ever wear hand-knit boxers around the house. Something tells me they'll be too colorful for my guys . . . . well, for Si, at least.

tagskie said...
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