Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knitting and I Hate Shakespeare

I got invited to go to Westland High School's production of I Hate Shakespeare by K & M. I wouldn't have gone without the invitation from these two amazing ladies I worked with during 2009's production of How I Became A Pirate.

BFF (Songferret) and I attended the Friday performance. It was not an 'omigod, go out and see this show and bring all your friends' show. It was a well written show presented by young talent that made me laugh and smile (and put down my knitting so I could watch).

I enjoy seeing the parents celebrate the talent and fun their children have doing theater in High School. I can tell the future is better off because of how A&J interact with their children (& their circle of kid friends). A cool thing was that D was a techie for the show so it was a full family experience.

My hat is off to K & M for fitting theater into their busy senior year. Thanks for thinking to invite me.

Go support the young kid's artistic endeavors. They need to know people are noticing.

Yes, these are the same socks I've been working on for DH. I picked up an additional skein of yarn so I can finish the toes. The knitting is good and they fit him. I should have these completed in the next two weeks. I'm splitting my knitting time between sock knitting and a super secret test knitting project that I'm behind on. That knitting is going quickly but it can't be travel knitting.


Cat said...

Glad to hear it was a successful show!

Jim Brochowski said...

So you know you want to leave a really cool comment when folks mention you in a blog and then you can't think of anything good enough and then the Holiday takes over and well I um, suck.Sorry.

I really appreciate the props. I am even more grateful for all you do for my Chow children. Thank you!