Saturday, January 29, 2011

I submitted

My scholarship application to the Men's Spring Knitting Retreat.  (fingers crossed)

I thought I would post a video with some of the things I was thinking as I wrote up my nomination.  I hope I get it. 

Did you like the bit about having all the guys show me theirs?


yarmando said...

Supplemental material for reviewers:

Among the reasons knittingbrow deserves a place at the retreat is that he's both a talented teacher and enthusiastic, fearless learner. He will dive into whatever is on offer for the retreat, master it, and help pass it on.

He mentioned in the video that he worked at a LYS. What he didn't say is that he is a skilled Yarn Pimp. He has spot-on intuition of what kind of yarn you might like, and puts it into your hands, and the next thing you know you wake up roofied and surrounded by cashmere.

Knittingbrow is smart and adorable, and you want him at MSKR, MFKR, or any other MKR that comes along.

knittingbrow said...

Thank you yarmando. That was very nice of you. I blushed when I read this comment. I have my fingers crossed and the time blocked off of my schedule.

WonderMike said...

You can count on it.... my showing you mine. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are the most worthy person ever. You forgot to mention that you work in public service. A very noble thing.