Sunday, January 30, 2011

Yule Log Fingerless Mitts

DH and I were not exchanging holiday gifts this past year. So when I found out that I was getting a "non-gift exchange gift," I thought I should whip up something quick for him.

He commented that he liked the Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes I knit for myself.

I used KnitPicks Swish worsted held with the Alpaca Pete's Alpaca yarn on a size 5 needle.  I wanted these to be very tight knit.   The fabric is so tight, these stand up on their own. See?

Yule Log Fingerless Mitts
I think they look like a Yule Log without the mushrooms.

I lengthened the wrist part a bit much but DH will be able to turn them into a cuff and that should work nicely.
Yule Log Fingerless Mitts

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Sue said...

Those came out nice!! Love the color!
I hope you are staying safe and warm. I see it's a blizzard in your part of the world. I have family in Illinois and it's bad there right now as well. Great weather for knitting though! :)