Saturday, May 14, 2011

Riblet Warmer

I'm going to teach a Ribwarmer class soon and wanted a sample to show what students would be learning in class. I needed to get a piece knit quickly so i followed the pattern but reduced everything by 50%. I think it is quite lovely and cute. Here's the front.

Here's the back.

The yarn is Noro Kureyon using a US size 10.5 needles.

I completed the front short rows differently. This side has been slipped and turned with no wrapping. I think you can see it has a slight open design feature.

The other side was done with wrap and turn short rows.

I'm not sure which I like better. Which do you like?


Bob & Phyllis said...

Actually, I like them both. Which one I chose would depend on my mood when I knit the piece.

As EZ would say, knitter's choice!

Cat said...

I'm with Phyllis - I like them both. I'd probably choose the one w/o the wrap for 2 reasons: 1. wrapping bugs me, and 2. I like open stuff, and on a vest like that the little design feature is cool.

It's so cute! I seriously want to make one my size. That means I have to do math, right? I love math!