Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At Last the "Last Supper Socks"

My "Last Supper Socks" were finished on Sunday and served up today.

These socks were knit using US size 1 DPNs with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn leftovers. The pattern is one of Yarmando's Toe-up sock pattern drafts from 2 years ago. That's right....these socks took me almost 2 years to knit. I think mostly because they were in such a small needle size for me.

I'm pleased with the result. They fit well and the pattern was easy. Did you see the heel flap?

I like it. Thanks for such a nice pattern Yarmando :)

I had trouble with my DPNs snapping while I used them. WTF? I sent three of the four broken needles back to Colonial Needles company with a note of disappointment in the quality of the needles and I suspect there was a manufacturing problem.

This vlog post explains why they are called the Last Supper Socks.


Cat said...

These are some seriously beautiful socks. The gauge is so small and tight, the yarn is so vibrant, the knitting is so perfect . . . win win win! You've got some lucky feet at the ends of your legs, Brotha!

Sorka said...

VERY nice!!

Pam said...

I love the colors. Those socks are awesome!

suezeeknits said...

Gerald those are so beautiful!!!

I miss your vlogs. :( *puppy dog eyes* I hope you do one soon. lol :D