Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Broken DPN!

While knitting on my Evil Sock Genius Socks, one of my size 2.25 mm Rosewood Colonial Needles broke! Snapped right in two. I wasn't happy.

Oh, you get to see Maddy & Hugo in this video. They were a bit rowdy and playing.

Is it just me snapping needles in half?
Has this happened to you?


dragon knitter said...

the knitpicks harmony needles are pretty tough, and pointier, too. might be a thought.

knittingbrow said...

You're right Dragon Knitter. I have one set of the 6" harmony dpns and 2 sets of the 4" harmony. The 4 inch are just too small for me.

I ordered two sets of the nickel-plated 6" dpn's last night. I wanted to avoid ordering them but my LYS didn't have the size I wanted (2.25 mm) in stock.

Sue said...

I am like you, I prefer double pointed needles. I recently tried circulars for socks and I just didn't like it as much.