Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have a boy crush

Here's the Urban Dictionary's definition for boy crush: "When a guy really admires another guy, but not necessarily in a sexual or romantic way. Opposite would be a girl crush."

WonderMike of the Fiber Beat Podcast. I first met him on the Y knit podcast with hizKNITS.  What I loved about the podcast was the humor and music matched what I like.
Let's Shear It for the Boys podcast
Men's Knitting Retreat history can be found on this Y Knit episode.
Verb for Keeping Warm
Click here and scroll down a bit to see the picture of WonderMike's Big Hair. His tag line And I Ran... is from the A Flock of Seagulls first album. I played the album over and over again back in the '80s.  The video is classic '80s.

I hope you don't mind the boy crush, WonderMike. I enjoy reading WM's blog.


Jason said...

I'm currently wavering on whether I should go to the Midwest men's knitting retreat.

knittingbrow said...

I'll be jealous if you go Jason. It seems like a great time.