Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review: Boys Fishing Trip 2010

13 years and running (I think it's 13 years but past posts say this may be year 15.)

Mike Relaxation Material
Reading 4 books at once. It's actually 5 that he was reading.
Listening to numerous devices including minidisc players & satellite radio.(okay, he only brought 3 devices)
Computers! Great advice from my brother.
Fishing! Arts & Crafts! Making lures.
Ask any question!  Really. Except that silly thing I asked related to fishing line. I deserve it. Here's the blog post on that.
Caring for their kids.
Watchful EyeI like this picture a lot. I called it "Watchful Eye." It seems smart kids are being raised.

We miss John.
John's Short
These are the shorts John wore to each fishing trip. After he died, one brother made a case for the shorts and he brings it out each year.

We miss Dad.  Here's the post I made that included his eulogy.

Go enjoy your family.

Cool websites I heard about this year.
malwarebytes anti-malware
I completely forgot to talk about the burn piles!  I blogged about my burn pile and fire obsession previously here and here.

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