Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knitgrrl's Guide to Professional Knitwear Design

I got mail!

Shannon Okey

Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design
The Shannon tweet (I can't find the one announcing the book release)
The Stephanie Tweet. The Stephanie Interview with Shannon.
Cooperative Press and you can order the book from Cooperative Press here. It's available in print, digital, Kindle, iPhone, Nook & Sony versions. Makes it easy to save resources and be able to have Shannon looking over your shoulder helping you. (or prodding you to just do it...and take control for yourself). Interested in how Cooperative Press came to be? Read about it here.
It's true. I thought this book would help me understand designing and I could use this information when I teach knitting classes. On closer inspection, it probably won't. I'm going to enjoy the book because it seems like I'm sitting with Shannon and chatting with her.  There's humor, directness, honesty and support. A nice addition to the vast collection of information available in the book. 
I get all caught up in the excitement when someone I've met (Shannon), publishes a book. We've never chatted, had a drink, eaten Jeni's together or anything like that. It's one of those "brushes with greatness." Shannon, the next time I visit Cleveland, should I bring Jeni's with me?

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