Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Clock

Family Clock
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I scored this clock during the boys fishing trip. It is the clock that was in the dining room of my childhood home. It got moved out when we cleaned out the house when mom moved after Dad died. I lost track of it.

It was in my brother's garage and was very dirty and need of repairs. I brought it home and spent a little bit of time today cleaning it up and working on the clock mechanism. It is now working in our "Brown Room" and appears to be keeping time correctly.

I only wish it chimed like the one in the family room. The living room clock needed winding every 28 days or so. I remember watching Dad take the key to wind it. Strange how this is one of my childhood memories. Such a small event, etched into my memory.

I thought Mom was going to keep that one and has it in the garage at the new place. I asked her about it on a visit a year or so back and it was given to another family member. I hope it keeps great time and I'm glad it's with family.

Do you have a memory like this associated with a clock? Just wondering.


Sue said...

It looks great! Lucky you found it in your brother's garage! How wonderful you get to have it in your home now.

When I was really little we had one of this coco clocks where the little bird comes out of the door. hehe I have no idea what happened to it. We didn't have it when I was older. I bet my mom threw it out. Too bad because I'd like to have it now. :p

yarmando said...

My grandmother's mantle clock lives in my mom's basement. I've never had it running in my own home, either because I've lacked a mantle or because roommates and partner would be bothered by the quarter-hourly chimes.