Monday, August 9, 2010

Sock Monkeys Attack!

I had something fun happen to me at my last "class" at Jitterz in Kenton.

Last class at Jitterz (Thomas Jitterz Coffee Company)
EPS (scroll down to read a definition)
Flower Basket Shawl
Baby Surprise Jacket
What classes did they want me to teach in the fall? They wanted me to teach a Sock Monkey Class.  Ew. Did you know there is an entire website dedicated to knitted sock monkeys?
"Pet the Monkey, the monkey likes you." Heads Up Trix
Gasp! Did you catch all the things I said?

I bet you can come up with lots and lots of monkey references.  Leave a comment in the blog post. Perhaps the best comment wins a prize? Perhaps. Post by August 22, 2010. Random Number generator selects winner.


Cat said...

But what is the point of knitting a sock monkey! Knit socks and make monkeys out of ugly socks you buy in the store. Honestly! That's the point!

Conan the Knitter said...

Wow, the last time I watched an internet video of a man spanking a monkey it was nothing like this!

----- M.

Trixie said...

bahahahahaha, "pet the monkey..."-too funny. if only they knew....

i love the previous comment as well!!!