Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Snapped DPN

Another Snapped DPN
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I'm working on socks using size US 0 8" Colonial Rosewood DPNs. Tonight, I snapped another one. This happened last year.

It ticks me off. These are $19.00 needles!

Is it my super strength or poorly made needles. Opinions?


Jeremy said...

I think it's because your tension is too tight. Relax your hands. Duh.

yarmando said...

Sock tension is SFB. Your little slivers of precious, aromatic woods are probably not up to it. Relaxing your hands probably won't help, because (A) you won't be able to, and (B) if you did, you're gauge would be too loose, you'd have to go down a couple needle sizes, and you'd snap those too.

I suggest Magic Loop, but you knew that already.

yarmando said...

you're = your.

It sukcs that i cant eedit coments after postign.

Kay in New Mexico said...

What both of them said. Yes.

I have some lovely little Lantern Moon DPNs in different sizes, but I don't use 'em too often. Fingers on gloves, thumbs on mittens, a few yards of I-cord, that kind of thing. For socks, it's Addi Turbo circulars all the way. The teeny sizes may bend a little, maybe, but break? Not even once!

Meredith said...

What does this mean, "Sock tension is SFB"?

Cat said...

I think Don is right. Wrong tool for the job.

Bob & Phyllis said...

I'm late to this post. You have demonstrated why I don't use wood DPNs for socks. I use them for everything else, but not socks.

I use metal for socks, and those are starting to warp just slightly.

Metal dpns or magic loop--sounds like a bit of hobson's choice to me, but YMMV..