Monday, April 4, 2011

Evil at Work

Evil at Work
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I started a pair of "Evil Sock Genius" toe-up socks almost two years ago using a draft of Yarmando's pattern. I picked up the socks this weekend and completed the second heel and heel flap, put the two socks together and noticed something was not right. The heel flap on the first sock was too narrow and needed fixed. So I frogged it.

Then I got lost in figuring out where I was in the pattern.

Evil Sock Genius to the rescue! This picture is Don tinking back and helping me get back into the pattern correctly. He identified where I was and let me take over.

Thanks for the help, Don. I was able to turn the heel and get 2/3 of the heel flap completed.

Please note the use of DPNs. :)

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