Friday, January 6, 2012

Knitting at Dirty Franks

Knitting & Dirty Franks Lunch
I took two co-workers to Dirty Franks for lunch today. The menu is based on hotdogs. The menu give lots of options for hotdogs and beer on tap.

I enjoyed a Sriracha Slaw Dog as a lettuce wrap. I don't recommend the lettuce wrap because it gets messy. I also had three pretzels with salt. They were delightful.

I'm knitting the Thorpe hat (Rav link), a design by Kristen Kapur, using size 10 DPNs with a bulky baby alpaca yarn. I'm supposed to be able to get the entire hat done with just one skein of yarn. Fingers crossed. The hat is a surprise gift for my oldest brother who wants something to keep his ears warm.


read2akid said...

I wanted to try the pretzels the last time I was there, but gave into to evil temptation of the onion rings. Guess I have to go back and get the pretzels, now! :)

EyeStamp said...

Lucky Brother!