Tuesday, December 4, 2007

he still exists

Been a busy time.
Let me give you a bullet list of details:
  • After John died, knitSB and I went to England. You can see pictures.
  • Work continued without me and therefore piled up.
  • I finished my shawl for my sister. See?
  • I think I might be hooked on lace knitting.
  • My family celebrates "Thanksmas" on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It's a good thing.
  • My mom missed Thanksgiving and "Thanksmas" because she was in the hospital with intestinal pains. This on top of her continual heart problems.
  • She was in a lot of pain. They ran lots of tests. Painful tests.
  • She had a heart cath that showed no serious blockage. (A good thing!)
  • They "cleaned her out" and then did they did the hernia repair. All the kids were there to support mom.
  • She's much better and should be released soon.
  • I attending a training session last week on instructional design. Amazingly great workshop that I'm already starting to apply the skills learned.
  • I finished my MIL's house socks. I'll take some pictures later.
  • I'm working on my (future) SIL's socks. They're going well.
There you have it. Updates more regularly including knitting content.


Sulafaye said...

Glad to hear good news about your mom, and glad to hear from you!

Kay in NM said...

And I had just about decided to write and see if you're okay! Really enjoyed the England pics, but now I am ready for some New Knittingbrow Input...

I know how it is with lace. Talk about addicting. The shawl is very fine!

My best to your mom. Mine is going through the same kinds of medical encounters. She is 91 now and says "After 60, it's all just patch, patch, patch."

auntgerry said...

Your shawl is great. I just know if lace is for me, but maybe I'll keep tring on the Diamond Fantasy. Beth has AGAIN volunteered to fix my mistakes.