Monday, December 10, 2007

That Was Quick

I visited Amaz0n on friday and did a bit of "feel good shopping." We've all done that, right?
Almost all of what I got was knitting related. 4 dvds and two books.

Knitting Around with Elizabeth Zimmermann & Meg Swansen. Own the book and like watching EZ and MS knit.
Knitting Lace with Meg Swansen. Getting lace obsessed and thought this might be a good watch.
Knitting a Guernsey Pullover. I've not done one and thought it would be fun to see this being knitted.
Knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket. Yep. I've got to make a few more and this will be fun to watch. And it has extra stuff on it!

I must admit, I like watching knitting videos but not knitting what they are showing in the video. These items will probably be viewed when I need to escape. I'll report back on them after the holidays.

Knit Kimono has been one of those books that I heard about on L&V Podcast and thought "I should really take a look at it." And I got it from the library and thought, "There are enough patterns that I would knit in this book that I should just buy it!" So I did.

And KnitMary brought her copy of Kaffe Knits Again: 24 Original Designs Updated for Today's Knitters and I saw a few sweaters that I might consider knitting. Truth be told, intarsia scares me more than it should so I should probably put intarsia on my to-do-list.

Those are my additions. I like them. :)


Cat said...

Wow- what fun! Don't you just love getting new books and DVDs?

organizer2003 said...

Gerry, I've been checking for that book at the library for weeks now. It's still not showing up when I do a title search. How did you find it? Or is this some secret-decoder-ring thing that you can do as a library employee?