Monday, December 10, 2007

A new way to discover music? And knitting?

It amazes me (but it shouldn't after all these years) that things come across my life in interesting sets. 
The library just changed its catalog searching using a new technology called AquaBrowser.  I like it because it give great visual options that aren't always linear in thought.  I'm s u r r o u n d e d by people who are linear thinkers.  I'm not, usually a linear thinker. 
I happened upon this site musicmesh that also uses the same display for its searching.  Nice way to lead into new music, isn't it? 
I wonder if there is anything like this for knitting? 

Is there something out there that does the visual representation between projects and offers different ideas? 
Raverly may be able to help me and to be honest with you, I've not spent much time exploring?  Are you on Ravelry?  I am.  Did you "friend" me yet?  I think R does this...but I've not put enough information in yet. I am scared I may not be able to stop adding looks like a lot of fun

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