Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hooray! Almost done!

Yep, the knitting is completed on the socks for the sock exchange. See?
Kristen's Sock1

I wondered if you all thought I still knit. I do! These socks were knit using Cider Moon (a moment of silence, please...) Glacier in Purple and stripped with Yarn Candy. I created the pattern using an increase/decrease pattern. Now. I just hope that they will fit her.

All I need to do know is run in the ends. There are quite a few ends because I stripped the socks every-other row. I think I'll sit under good lighting tomorrow and finish these up. So, if you're reading this Kristen...when do you want them?


Kristen said...

can i come and watch you weave the ends in??? then i can put them on IMMEDIATELY after you're done ;)


j/k -- whenever is fine with me!! :)

micah said...

Good to see you knit. you should have had a beer!

Hey, so it's like a "Soxchange" that you guys are having? That's kind of naughty!!!

Matt....... said...

With my anti foot fetish, I just don't think I could have got in on the naughtyness!