Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sock Exchange with the Knit Wits!

Quick, look at these photos. The lovely Cat organized a sock exchange for the Ohio Knit Wits for the month of February. The idea was to have people sign-up to be included in the exchange and Cat would randomly match people. There were 8 people in the exchange.

Now, I had Kristen and she was kind that I didn't finish my socks. Work and such, been busy and I've had lots of knitting for the LYS class. Here's a picture of her with the progress socks. It's not like she's excited to have Cider Moon socks in a pattern that I've created for her! See?


Her smile is an indication of how much fun we had! Beth made Cat some fun socks. And Kay made socks for Megan, and Megan made socks for Kristen's Mom and Kristen's mom made socks for Jen, and Jen is making socks for me, Cat made socks for Kay and Kristen made socks for Beth. Who did I forget? I'm holding Jen's socks for ransom. :) They're in my car!

Next exchange is a "2 skeins or less" idea. Use 2 skeins or less for the exchange item. That item can be anything appropriate for the recipient. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I'm going to use yarn from stash. And there are some great books out there to help with the one or two skeins.


Anonymous said...

Great socks!!! But the t-shirt is fab-u-lous!!!

please don't hurt yourself anymore, jerry...(read your twitter)


Kristen said...

wonderful sox -- I heart them so much!! and fab pics -- it was such a blast!!

knittingbrow said...

it kinda looks like you have sock ears that have been pierced in very odd ways. HMMMM

Charles said...

How cool is your socks coming along! It looks like crazy sock!
Iam thinking talk to my knitting group to do this ..It looks so much fun!

Also chack of knititng blog see what you think?