Monday, March 31, 2008

March In Review

March is over and I'm quite happy at what's been going on and where I'm going.

Sunday was the last performance of The Magician's Nephew
presented by the Columbus Children's Theater. This was my first time working back stage for a theatrical production. The bar has been placed very high for the next production. I was thrilled to be asked to participate as the Props Master with the added bonus of working with the cast to move sets during the performance. The crew for this production is amazing and I was happy to be part of the show.

I finished teaching another class at my LYS. This class was about the Elizabeth Percentage System. I had six students that where really engaged in the class and enthusiastic about the process. Out of seven sweaters being knit (that includes mine) three were completed during the last class. The sweater I was knitting for Sallie's grandson was one. J completed her sweater out of Noro Kureyon and made a sweater that fits her perfectly. Two of the sweaters that will be finished are a mother/daughter team. I'm working with one knitter because she is knitting with cotton and that takes a bit longer. One of the best things about this class was to help the students with "knitter's choice." "Knitter's Choice" is that wonderful, scary experience when you get to make whatever option you want become a reality. Having lots of options leads to many frustrating and liberating creative experiences. Teaching the class was a rewarding experience for me. I'll be teaching a Baby Surprise Jacket class in the next round of classes.

knitSB and I will able to spend some more time together as I've stopped working at KM. We're planning on spending time deeply "spring cleaning" the house, playing in the yard and getting some things done around the house. I am most going to miss seeing all the knitters and the joy of matching yarn with the project for the knitters. I'll be around and I'm happy to knit in public (KIP) anytime someone contacts me. (hint*contact me*)

Work continues to change towards the goal. But I won't go into that now.

My knitting in March was the EPS for the class and Kristen's socks (one is finished and the other is only missing a heel and ribbing at the top).

Expect to read a bit more from me in April. I'll be sharing some steps I'm taking. I welcome comments and the conversation that can happen in a blog.


micah said...

so you'll be attending the MS&W this year?

knittingbrow said...

sadly, no. I won't be attending MS&W this year.