Monday, March 3, 2008

Knitting 'Todd Style

This past saturday I had an opportunity to hang out with Songferret and do some knitting after I completed my work on the props for the CCT Magician's Nephew. It's been awhile since I've actually had time to knit. And my hands missed the needles.

We watched Sweeney Todd with Angela. It was quite good. I saw the John Doyle tour last year and rather enjoyed it.

There is a scene when he is given his razors after a long time without having them in his hands. I sometimes feel this way when I get needles in my hands after not being able to knit for awhile. No, I'm not wanting to hurt anyone, of course. I've included the scene for your viewing pleasure.

edit added by knittingbrow
Of course, Songferret had the perfect follow-up movie, Jersey Girl. He told me to "trust him" as there was a reason to watch this movie. Have you seen Jersey Girl? It's quite good, really. So, after seeing Sweeney Todd, I got to see this scene in Jersey Girl. Perfect match!


WonderMike said...

I am so completely obsessed with Sweeney Todd at the moment. Have you seen the Patti Lupone/George Hearn/Neil Patrick Harris performance in San Francisco???? I think it might be my favorite, althought Angela Lansbury is the MOST! Thanks for fun post.

Anonymous said...

i need to see the new one.

i loved 'jersey girl'. this scene was great. thanks for helping me remember it.