Friday, February 22, 2008

Power Tools and Tool Bar download from the Library

Are you a person who likes to use the library?
Do you like to know all the cool new stuff before everyone else?
I thought so.

The Columbus Metropolitan Library has just added a Power Tools Page and a tool bar for download! The tool bar is in beta, so there might be some bugs. I like the RSS for the new materials. :) It separates it out by genre, dvd, audio, adult and juvenile. Go and download it! I don't want to give all the features away.

You can follow the embedded links or this link
or go directly to the page from here:

Feel free to share this great information with anyone you know who uses the library. And share what you think about it on the website or post it here.

Yes, you can reserve knitting books at the library. and crochet books. and books-on-CD to listen to while you're knitting, and cookbooks, and fiction books and art books to inspire your knitting and poetry to have read to you while knitting and hair styling books because you know you're thinking about that spring hair style, aren't you, and you can find books for your kids to read to you while you knit (or cook or sleep for that matter) or that math book to help your teenager do her algebra homework that you don't understand, or that travel guide that outlines the great places in England that you want to see (like knitSB and I did), or... You get the idea. The possibilities are almost endless...


Cat said...

I love the new toolbar!

Anonymous said...

Jerry, that tool bar is very cool. I guess I miss a lot by having only the search page in my favorite places. Lots of fun stuff going on at the libraries.
I looked up some of the job postings. What is a pay rate of 0700 and 1000? Probably not much huh?
I'm getting a new computer soon and will definitely download the new tool bar. Until then I have to be very very gentle with the little Mackie I have now.

Sounds like you and David had a great commitment party. Wish I could have celebrated with you both. Darn cats, anyway.
I'm noping to come to Wednesday knitting this week. woohoo.