Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spam Subject Lines Make me Laugh

Just a few of the spam subject lines that I've seen in the last several days.  These made me smile. 

Be happy with manpower candy! man power candy.  WTF?!
Revive your love life - satisfaction guaranteed   who is going to determine the level of satisfaction?  Is there a council somewhere? 
The baby-maker grows and develops GRADUALLY, not o ... duh.  I mean really.  too fast and I'll pass out.  all the blood rushing from my head.
Something interesting for you   What...yarn!  where.  Let me see...I want some of this!
speaking of "this!"  Momma Chris was in the LYS recently and had some of the wollmeise.  The colors are a m a z i n g.  And the yarn has a nice hand to it. She's got a great story about how she came to have the yarn.  It's from her mom. 
Its time you had the equipment always wante... Great!  I've always wanted a tiller.  I already have the reciprocating saw.

enough.  done with a break. 

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