Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tunes on Tuesday

I've been knitting on my EPS sweater for the class that I'm teaching and listening to music and a podcast or two.

One of my favorite albums is Savage by Eurythmics. The album came out late in 1987 when I was in college. It was a really great time for me to hear this album. I was single and out. I was living alone (and loved it). I'd been going out to the bars, working hard on my class projects and enjoying the focus on getting my own "voice" in artwork.
The voice of the album was definitely darker than the previous albums. The music and lyrics work well to create a complete album that remains one of my favorites. The dark mood comes through the video album. The Beethoven (I Love To Listen To) video shows Annie knitting at the beginning.
No, this isn't one of the group's most popular albums, but it remains a stable feature when I want to have the five disc mix.
The album tracks include:
1. Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)
2. I've Got A Lover (Back In Japan)
3. Do You Want To Break Up?
4. You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart *you've probably heard this one. A beautiful song that R1 and I danced to at the bar a few weeks after we met.
5. Shame
6. Savage
7. I Need A Man *and this song is also a staple for Eurythmics fans. I thought about performing this song in karaoke, but haven't done it.
8. Put The Blame On Me
9. Heaven
10. Wide Eyed Girl
11. I Need You *This is a simple song musically with lyrics that cut right through the crap.
12. Brand New Day *a very refreshing way to end the album. The entire album is dark and troubled. This song is like the sun coming out after a rainstorm. Refreshing. Just like after you have a "good cry." You know, you've been there right?

And I bought the cassette of Savage because I didn't have a CD player or turntable. I listened to it non-stop for months.

and you can find out the history of Eurythmics on the wikipedia page.


larissa said...

I'm going to itunes right now. You make this sound so wonderful.

Charles said...


Does song sould wonderful~Cool!

I just want to say wishing you best Valentine's Day!

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