Friday, February 8, 2008

The Fidget. Loved it!

Fidget Buttons

I found this pattern by linking from a link on Micah’s Reality blog.

The pattern was good and I enjoyed the stitch pattern. I adjusted the pattern by do a 20 st cast-on. Row 4 ended with k2.

This took about 3.5 hours to knit from start to finish.

The yarn was a new knitter gift from Kay in New Mexico. (Thanks Kay) She wanted to make sure that I knew what “good yarn” felt like. The purple yarn has been on display in my house for 5 years. I finally found a pattern to show off this wonderful yarn.

You can knit one of these quickly and from one of those amazingly soft yarns! Go knit one. Really. I'm going to knit another. Here's another picture. Fidget Worn


micah said...

hey man, I know what's hip!

Kay in New Mexico said...

OMG, I had forgotten about that! Was that some Manos del Uruguay? I seem to remember...

But I know for a fact that by now you are no stranger to "good yarn," because you make so many nice nice things. I am so proud! (I take some credit, of course.)