Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tunes on Tuesday

I'm an Annie Lennox fan. (but you already know that by now, don't you?)

I'm also a fan of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol. I've read the book several times and have watched almost every version of the story available, including An American Christmas Carol and Ebbie. I did play Bob Cratchit in a play of a Christmas Carol when I was a freshman. That might be what started it. I so enjoy a story when love wins out and someone has the realization that they can be a crabby dork or share good will across the board. Call me sentimental.

One of my favorite versions is Scrooged and it came out in 1988. Bill is great as is the supporting cast. It has this great song "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" sung by Al Green and Annie Lennox. This song makes me feel good. I bought this as a 45 back in the day. You remember 45's, don't you. I played this song when I had a turntable set up.

I give you a single that makes me feel good. Very nice to feel good on a rainy day!

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Cat said...

Fantastic - I'd forgotten all about this song in that movie. Excellent pairing of popular culture with the theme of a classic. My fave version of that story is Muppet Christmas Carol. We watch it every year.

Do you think Al Green and Annie Lennox are supposed to be angels in this vid?