Saturday, March 8, 2008

noro sock yarn

Did you read the Knitter's Review of noro sock yarn? I appreciate the honest review. I too am frustrated by the plethora of knots that show up in all of noro's yarn. I don't think I've ever had a skein that didn't have a knot in it. Now, I'll be happy to go and take the knot out and spit-slice to avoid having to run in ends.

I appreciate the good review and will use it as I explain to people the benefits and drawbacks of the yarn. The color is great. And it's a thin yarn and needs to be knit on the smallest needles to keep the fabric tight so it doesn't wear out. That means I'll be knitting on a size zero needle. I've got a skein of this stuff divided in half to try to knit. Of course, these fall lower in the knitting queue than I want, but there is knitting to be accomplished, right?

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Shannon said...

Y'know, the stuff blooms like mad once it's knit and washed. (I used Soak on mine). My test knitter goddess Andi said she'd skein and wash it BEFORE knitting it next time to make it more fun to knit...