Monday, February 22, 2010

I learn to knit an Aran Vest

Yarn Harlot and the 2010 Knitting Olympics is a great idea started in 2006.  Also was created is the Ravelympics for those on Ravelry. 

Aran Knitting is quite beautiful. I haven't done Aran knitting before.  Yarmando tells me that it's just cabling and I've done cabling before.  So I cast-on and began this vest.  I'll give the details of the vest in a future blog post. 

While I was working through the twisted cable rib, I was okay with it.  Until I got to the beginning of the cable set-up rows.  I was 6 (or 8) sts off.  What the freak?!  I counted the sts several times.  So I simply added sts.

There are three charts in this vest.  Two repeat every 8 rounds, one repeats every 20 rounds.  I've got it figured out how track the rows.  It was kinda blah when I started the charts. It took more concentration that I expected.  After another two inches, I started to be able to read my knitting and know what was supposed to happen next.  I think that feels nice. 

I'm enjoying the knitting and will be at the armholes soon.  I won't make it to complete in the Knitting Olympics. 


Kay in New Mexico said...

Isn't it FUN? I wanna see the whole project when it's finished!

I've got a thing in the Harlot's Knitting Olympics - look at "Birch" in my Ravelry projects! You learn cable - I learn entrelac. I'm about 2/3 through - don't know if I'll finish, but it's about the challenge, hey?

Emerald said...

Missing you a lot, love the blog. Will you be at Knitter's Connection this summer?

The knit wear is beautiful as always, and I look forward to seeing the finished vest!