Saturday, June 16, 2012

I got Urshuz

While visiting Chicago for business, I stopped at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum store had this interesting display of shoes that you put together (think Legos). I bought myself a pair of green soles called OG Ur Green, flip flops called Derek, gray uppers Race in Cement, black Vern (currently not found on their website.) They are comfortable, easy to put together and very stylish.

Here are my combinations: Race

knittingbrow bought URshuz

knittingbrow bought URshuz

knittingbrow bought URshuz

I got great customer service from from UR Shuz because my Vern lace was snipped and I didn't notice it while at the store. The response was quick and they replaced my Vern uppers. The problem with the replacement uppers is the attachment is off slightly on the left upper. Notice in this picture how odd the shoe looks?
knittingbrow bought URshuz
I snapped this photo of the u rings and you can see they are incorrectly aligned. They should go around the round u locking channel. The replacement upper didn't. knittingbrow bought URshuz

I think my next parts will be soles in Baltic or Sunburst with White Race or Sienna Brax uppers. What combinations do you like?

author edits:
I realized I wasn't clear. If you like the idea of these shoes, go out and buy a pair! I am glad I got mine and enjoy wearing them. They are stylish and comfortable.  I might actually be on the cutting edge of footwear for once.  ;)  Read about them on their website, especially for sizing. The FAQ section gives a lot of useful information. I noticed they don't have women's or children's lines yet.  Sad for you...but it's weird to me to have a line for men first (and kinda cool) 

If you buy a pair, tell them knittingbrow sent you. LOL!

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Museum stores have the Best Stuff!