Monday, June 4, 2012

Knitting tips and proof of the dark side

I thought everyone knew these knitting tips but I guess not. My snarky side too this video. You would still want to come knit with me, right? I'm not mean all the time.

Yep, the dark side has a visitor.

Here's a picture of the ruffle from the Sothia. I didn't like the brown Opal yarn for the ruffle but I like it in the garter section with the colored yarn.
Sothia Shawl Ruffle
I really enjoy knitting the Sothia by Robin Ulrich but I hated the way the Opal sock yarn was knitting up. It looked splotchy at best and the yellow/orange was too light. I frogged the ruffle and am over-dyeing the yarn with purple and blue to make it a richer brown.
Here's a poor picture of the offending yarn.
Opal before over dyeing

My hope is for a rich chocolate color with purple undertones.


Lost City Denise said...

Good tip! Just as a note about this technique - if the knitter is using brass ring (or any ring type) stitch markers they'll be stuck in the lifeline until it's removed. Either remove them and add them back on the next row or use the safety-pin type.

Keep the video's coming!

knittingbrow said...

Thanks Lost City Denise, that's a great reminder. Of course if you forget they could become part of the design. (grin)