Thursday, October 23, 2008

Carry a-long projects: Vest Idea

I've got an idea for a sweater vest that will be knit in strips.

The yarns I'm considering are:
Noro Kureyon in Color 32 (discontinued)
Noro Kureyon in Color 53
Noro Kujaku in Color 2

I have completed a sample in color 32 and like the colors but need to change the needle size. Recommended needle size is 8 and I swatched on a 4. It's too tight. So I'll go up to a 6 or 7. I'm thinking the stitch pattern needs to be relaxed a bit. Test swatching can be fun.

I've been wondering about your carry-a-long projects. I've been knitting a lot of cotton washcloths. What do you like to take with you and knit?


micah said...

right around 35 second you sound like a newscaster! I was like "So you took her to the hospital and forgot about her because you were knitting!?!?"

You kill me man!

That's going to be one colorful vest!

Cat said...

Can you train your cat to do tricks like in Officer Buckle and Gloria?far