Monday, October 13, 2008

Medusa Hat

I completed and delivered the shawl for #1 and realize that she needs a hat. I recently shaved her head for her after her third round of chemo. It just made it easier for her to care for her hair. She laughs that her hair continues to grow during the chemo. She wasn't expecting that to happen. I wanted to make her a hat that has been in my queue for a number of years.

You can see my progress in my vlog post.

Handpaint Country is one of the books that KayInNewMexico suggested I look at as a new knitter.
I'm hoping to be finished with the first of four pieces Tuesday at knitting. Just three more to knit and lots and lots of small i-cords to knit. (Did you see all those ends!?)

I'll give you updates.

I really enjoy posting these video blogs. Are you enjoying the videoblogs?

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MsKnottyKnits said...

You are a wonderful friend! I really enjoy your videos - keep it up!